Troy Deeney, Watford Captain Advocates About “One Strike” Policy to Deal With Racism Issues

1 year ago

Time and time again we have seen incidents of racism in football, and recent Troy Deeney, who is the captain of Watford, has implored that there should be a “one strike” policy in order to deal with issues regarding racism.

He has been quite a frequent victim of racism having been abused not only on his social media posts, but also in stadiums. It has been difficult for him to look past these reoccurring problem, and it is time that the football committee did something about it. Other incidents of racism include English players being abused by a Bulgarian players only last month.

The referee did respond by stopping the match due UEFA’s protocols however, England decided to play on. It is said that the Bulgarian players had to pay a hefty fine, but none of the consequences were covered by the media. Deeney, along with other football players, believe that there is a need fore more strictness in order to reduce the acts of racism.

He is also a member of the “We” campaign that has been aiming to put an end to racism in football and also pin point the abusers more explicitly in the media.

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