QuickBooks Training Course in Miami, Offered by Doral Chamber of Commerce

1 year ago
MIAMI - Nov. 6, 2019 - ScoopGraph -- Doral Chamber of Commerce is proud to present QUICKBOOKS Training Course for Business.

Our goal is to prepare you with the tools and understanding you need to take advantage of the power QuickBooks offers.

The Seminar is Presented by an experienced QuickBooks Instructor in English and Spanish.

This course is the Desktop QuickBooks Edition, not to be confused with QuickBooks Online.

These are some of the topics covered in this workshop:

- Create new Customer (Client)

- Create an Invoice

- Receive Payment

- Deposit Payment

- Create new Vendor (Supplier / Contractor)

- Enter a new Hill, Pay Bill

- Upgrade vs Update

- Home Screen / Menu Bars / Modules Navigation

- Cash vs Accrual method of accounting

- Organize and Simplify

- Chart of Accounts

- Items = Services and/or Products

- Customers = Clients

- Vendors = Suppliers and Contractors

- Employees = Payroll vs Contractors

Now is the time you can take advance of these opportunity and help the growth of your business!

For more information or to register you can visit:


Carmen Lopez
305 477 7600

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