Emma Watson : I'm Self Partnered & Definitely Not Worried About Turning 30

1 year ago

Yes, the Emma Watson we know and love from the Harry Potter days is turning 30 very soon. While it may make us feel really old, Emma Watson herself is not too fazed about it. Just like the rest of us, she saw herself married with kids by the time she turned 30 but she is please to say that she doesn’t really care about those things anymore. A

ccording to her, people should not be too hard on themselves just because that is what is deemed normal by society. Everyone figures things out on their own pace, and for Emma what matters is that you are making the most of whatever situation you are in. Single as a pringle, Watson is in no hurry to find a significant other, in fact she is more than happy being single and has called it “being self-partnered”.

This is quite the perspective to have, but we are all for it! Emma Watson will continue to have our support, and with that being said: don’t forget to check out her new movie Little Women that will be hitting the theaters this Christmas!

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